The ORIGINAL "Judge"...1949 Ford Coupe with a '58 Pontiac Tri-Power (three-two barrel carbs) engine, that my brother, Steve built back in the 50's with a little help from his friends......He was 18 and I was 15... I have duplicated, except with a BAD ASS 383 Stroker Small Block Chevy and S-10 front clip and Jaguar XJS Independent suspension with inboard disk brakes - rear end. Picture taken in front of Engineering Department Building, Texas Tech, Lubbock, Texas in 1960. It's the only picture we have of her. Peaked '51 hood, J.C. Whitney tube grille, rear fender joints smoothed, and trunk lid filled in on the indention. Door handles skimmed off. We had a hood T-handle and cable to open the driver's side door under the wheel well. Took the heater core out, brazed hinges on bottom cover, and a latch on top. A six pack would fit perfectly (just in case). The chrome strip came from a 1955 Dodge Lancer.

Paul Gerdes' 1949 Ford Coupe - "The Judge"

UPDATE: 6/21/2021 I just beat a SHELBY COBRA ! ----Historic Resurrection ! With an SBC (Small Block Chevrolet) 383 Cubic Inch Stroker (350 cubic inch block with 400 cubic inch (+0.25" stroke) crankshaft) fitted with a CompCams CL12-211-2 Magnum, 270H: Cam & Lifters, Edelbrock 700 CFM Carburetor, Polished Edelbrock Performer Air-Gap Intake manifold, Chevrolet high performance Vortec heads, GM 700R4 Automatic Transmission with a TransGo kit installed, Jaguar XJS/XJ6 Independent Rear Suspension, Chevrolet Truck S-10 front clip/frame, air conditioning (Old Air Products out of Ft. Worth), 1,600 watt sound system with bluetooth receiver, power steering, tilt steering wheel, power brakes, power windows, Bear Claw retrofitted power door latches, Bear Claw power trunk lid latch, Dakota Digital electronic cruise control, hood mounted GTO/"The Judge" tachometer, single piece door window glass, dual two speed radiator fans, Avital 3305L security system with radar sensor, voice warning, located in Austin, Texas in Steiner Ranch/Lakeway area. Some browsers may not show the description below each picture. You may have to scroll down a bit to read. Don't miss the videos in "First Drive" gallery and the videos in "Breakin" gallery. All work done personally except for neighbor's help positioning engine/transmission install and fabrication and installation of the white leather interior.
Click the first picture below to view the information on the "First '49" about my brother's GREAT car he built back in the late '50's.
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